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The ENERGY ROOF® FV system is composed of insulating panels suitable for the type of module to be installed and of profiles into which the photovoltaic modules are inserted.
This solution offers many advantages, including:
• Absolute guarantee of water tightness of the roof fitted with a photovoltaic system;
• The system can be used with any standard photovoltaic module available on the market;
• Installation of photovoltaic modules is simple, quick and costeffective, with a fixing system that is independent from that of the roof covering (modules can also be retrofitted to the roof);
• The system for anchoring the modules is integrated into the roof covering;
• Side closing profiles of the roof integrated with the support for the modules;
• Improved ventilation of the photovoltaic modules thanks to the height of the ribs, resulting in optimised energy production;
• The photovoltaic modules rest on multiple ribs, resulting in considerable improvement in the snow load carrying capacity;
• Increase in the thermal insulation of the panel thanks to the ventilated roof effect created from the combination of roof panels with recessed photovoltaic module; this ventilation considerably reduces the temperature of the panel’s external facing, creating an effect that can noticeably improve the energy performance of buildings;
• Possibility to leave walkways to facilitate cleaning of the roof and modules and the performance of any maintenance work. Roof coverings created with FV panels make it possible to create photovoltaic systems with:
• Modules covering the entire roof;
• Modules on part of the roof;
• Modules on part of the roof, prepared for future expansion of the system;
• Modules covering the entire roof with horizontal or vertical walkways allowing access to the roof and photovoltaic modules for  maintenance and cleaning purposes.
The ENERGY ROOF® FV panel is insulated with a layer of expanded polyurethane, which can vary in thickness depending on the needs of  the client.
No fixings (screws, brackets, etc) are supplied with the ENERGY ROOF® FV system. Such accessories must be expressly requested at the time of order.
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