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It optimises light diffusion
ThermoLight® allows vast diffusion of natural light inside the building, with consequent improvement of the wellness of the occupants and energy savings.

It offers a flexible solution
Available in various thicknesses (30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140 mm, and more upon request).

It ensures greater thermal insulation
The air flows of the sandwich panels act as a natural insulator.

It ensures durable quality
It is a unique construction with reinforcements in extruded polycarbonate. These reinforcements remain rigid and retain their performance over time, while the reinforcements made with foam do not ensure perfect sealing as they tend to give way over time.

The reinforced of products is one of the finishing solutions that
does not require the study of the purlins’ layout and allows
treating the panels as a unique independent component: a
single installation direction, a single length, a single removal of
mosses and lichens.

It offers the most suitable solution to your needs
ThermoLight offers a wide of solutions that allows you to find the most suitable system for your needs:
– ThermoLight® PC: system of sandwich-panels with upper layer in polycarbonate (10/10 thickness pursuant to EN-1013 standard), the bottom layer is in alveolar polycarbonate.
– ThermoLight PLR: system of sandwich-panels with upper layer in polycarbonate (1.2 or 1.6 mm thickness pursuant to EN-1013), the bottom layer is in alveolar polycarbonate.
– ThermoLight® PCT and PLR: an even more insulating range, for improved thermal comfort (thickness starting from 100 mm and, upon request, 60 and 80 mm)
– ThermoLight® PC R and PLR R: in polycarbonate, or with upper layer in polyester, featuring longitudinal reinforcements to increase rigidity and further simplify installation, in particular in restoration works. The system does not require to determine the wheelbase and also adapts to older structures, even if these are offset.
It can be secured to any ribbing height, regardless of the location of the purlin, thus making installation extremely flexible. This way, the capacity can be increased with greater resistance to loads.
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